Your Social Queue  

You can schedule as many posts through our platform as you like. The functionality uses a simple template, which you can fill and upload to your Queue (which is your publishing calendar.)

The CSV file template used to upload your posts can be downloaded here.

The template is simple to use. It contains the following columns:

  • channel: the social network you'd like to publish the post to
  • message: the post title
  • link: any URL you'd like to share
  • media_url: the url of photos, video or any other media to be shared with your post *.
  • publish_time: the date and time of the post in your own timezone
  • extra: the Pinterest board for the post to be shared on, or NULL all other channels.
  • comment: any additional comments you might want to share (optional).

All fields are mandatory except for the "comment" field.

Fill the form with as many rows as you like and use the "Import..." button on your Queue page. Follow the on-screen directions and the dashboard will do the rest.

That's all folks! Enjoy!!

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