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Our Technology

The Most Advanced Platform for Social Media, Powered by AI

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform has been built from the ground up to find and filter content, share it on fan pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles, and the top social media channel.

Our set of AI tools does just that: from sourcing fresh and relevant content, to sharing and tracking results, to following new trends, our machine learning and AI systems can drive entire campaigns with little supervision. The time and money savings are simply unmatched, leaving you free to focus on strategy, not the daily grind.


Our platform uses cutting edge computing algorithms to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, allowing social media teams to focus on the overall strategy.

Our chatbot interface makes the interaction with the platform simple and straightforward, even for non specialists.

Whether it is the launch of a new mobile game, or a multi-million dollars brand-building campaign, a content marketing program, or even curating a celebrity's social media feeds, our platform can manage all aspects of the social media process in full automation.


Many existing social media platforms allow users to schedule and manage social media ads, share content, and handle even entire account activities.

Our system goes beyond. Because it uses machine learning it can monitor campaigns in real time and adjust dynamically as it learns your preferences and your audience response. Trending topics and hashtags can be monitored and used to take advantage of new events and conditions. Direct message responded automatically based on tone and sentiment.

In an interconnected, 24/7 world, the difference between mere scheduling and real time response can be key.


We can offer our platform as a fully managed service, but our chatbot dashboard is simple and straightforward to use for anyone with a basic understanding of social media

We continue to expand our toolset adding new social networks every month, experimenting with different type of social posts, language and audience analysis, image processing, and language synthesis. With this level of sophistication, our platform allows for a degree of automation and control that is simply unprecedented.

Have we mentioned our bots are really nice?!